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19 March 2017 Entertaining Ilford Part One added
22 March 2016 New Musicals updated
14 October 2015 40 year KMT scrapbook added
17 April 2015 Update to London musicals
31 August 2014
Entertaining South Wales
31 March 2013
Rocky Horror Show KMT/Hanley added
19 October 2012
English Literature Notebook added
29 December 2011
London Musicals 1985 - 2004 added
11 August 2011
London Musicals 1985 - 1994 added
19 May 2011
London Musicals 1950 - 1984 added
14 November 2010
Shakespeare Notebook added  - A study book for non- English students studying university level English Literature written by Daniel Moti and
Vivyan Ellacott  
20 October 2010
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